MetaMorphosis, the Heart-Core podcast, wishes to provide a platform where we tune into the heart, dive deep, and address the core of the matter when it comes to the human experience.

We’ll be exploring the conditions that form human suffering and breed distortion, and we’ll be sharing insights, inspiration & tools for healing, awareness and wholeness. This is about stepping out of survival mode and the war mentality…and into our authentic creative expression, empowering ourselves from the inside out. This is about transcending the human condition & coming alive!

The podcast will also be featuring guests with transformational stories and extraordinary insights, to help raise awareness while we fathom the world and learn to navigate the human experience. Together we can explore and discover, while we keep questioning the nature of reality and everything we’ve come to believe...

In these transformational times where change is happening ever faster – the future is forming as we speak – I feel we are called to take back our power and connect to our heart’s calling. And so MetaMorphosis is about being & becoming our true self, living fully, and discovering the pure beauty and unique expression of life that we each are. It’s also about remembering our power to heal and be whole – while connecting with each other to resonate, envision, and embody the future we wish to experience.