Midnight Screening

Episode 11

22 Jump Street with Special Guest Host Marco Sdao!

Koleman Ireland published on

--Joining me once again in the second seat is guest host from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 episode, Marco Sdao.

--We kick off this episode with a rundown of the latest movie news regarding the Marvel, Fox, DC and Sony cinematic universe.

--Marco takes a moment to comment on his culture exchange from a few episodes back and lets us know what he thought of the movies that we have reviewed recently.

--Hear Koleman explain why he doesn’t like to see comedies in theatre, defending his position the best he can as the duo do their best to review a comedy in broad strokes.

--The spoiler filters are brought down as Koleman and Marco talk about some of their favourite moments and jokes in the film between 36:00 and 51:00.

--A rapid fire discussion of the next two months big releases tie a bow on the show.

--Until next time…

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