Midnight Screening

Episode 1

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Koleman Ireland published on

FULL DISCLOSURE: The production quality of this episode is not indicitive of the rest of the show. Feedback was provided by are wonderful listeners and we listened. 




This podcasts contains detailed plot spoilers.

It is recommended that you watch the movie being discussed before listening.

In This Episode:

In the premier episode of Midnight Screening with Koleman and Matt, Koleman Ireland and Matt Phillips talk about what they have been watching the past week. 

Afterwards, Matt and Koleman have a discussion and review regarding the latest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America The Winter Soldier.

Followed up by a rundown on the latest Star Wars Episode VII News in the Star Wars Watch segment.

Afterwards, a Culture Exchange is initiated, where both hosts task the other to watch a movie that they haven't seen to discuss in the next episode.

Shout out to Brooke Takhar at www.missteenussr.com

Shout out to Colin Easton at www.thestrangerproject.ca

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