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The Midwestern Council Story

Roaring down a curvy road, wheel to wheel, you blast down long straights, then hard on the brakes, hook into the turns… just you, your car, and the competition. That’s what road racing is like! The Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs has found a niche for itself as well as a national reputation for its highly competitive programs and members.

Originally run on private estates and closed-off public roads in the 40’s and early 50’s, amateur road racing has moved to closed circuit tracks. In 1958, a number of racing clubs found that rising insurance and track rental costs were making individual club racing programs prohibitively expensive. They joined together to form the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs to set competition and licensing procedures and to coordinate race dates in order to facilitate the participation by the drivers of all member clubs. Today, although the club count has risen to 7 with over 600 members spread throughout the Midwest, the structure of the Council is still basically one of autonomous individual clubs joined together in Motorsports programs. Acting as a regulating and coordinating body, the Council sanctions between 10 and 14 events annually, most sponsored by individual clubs.