Millennial Movement Podcast

Millennial Movement is a podcast for millennials who are movement professionals, teachers, coaches, PT’s, gym and studio owners, as well as those who are interested in the diverse movement paradigm who want to learn more, grow and be well-rounded practitioners and teachers.

We believe that every generation is here to bring something different into the world - and we will be your support, give actionable advice, bring in experts on growing your personal practice, your personal brand and your community.

Brought to you by the millenial movement duo behind SharedSpace in Hong Kong, Clare Lim and Aaron Martin, MM will bring to you honest conversations with movement brands and leaders globally. Tune in to learn about how to deepen your physical practice, build your movement brand, and stay connected with the global movement community. 

For ideas, feedback, and coffee recommendations, write us at 


Sorry, there are currently no episodes available for this podcast.