In the Podcast I ask my guests to pick a Film they love or really resonate with, as we all have that one film we adore or just have to watch every 3-6 months. As we discuss the protagonist's journey within the film we start to discuss my guest’s own personal journey and investigate the big moments, events and experiences that have shaped their lives. As we explore the varying aspects of the Hero's journey my guests can start to become aware of those moments where they moved away from their illusory world, into the gap of confusion, uncertainty, love and maybe fear. We discuss and explore the circumstances and events that led them to the "Gap" and how long they took to accept the call to adventure. Once in the "Gap" how did they feel, was it blissful, joyous or terrifying? How long have they been in the "Gap” and what do they feel they need in support, clarity or belief to escape the feeling of being stuck and move beyond the Gap into a new life. I expand on spiritual, coaching and Transactional theory and techniques to explore all aspect of my guest's journeys and live