Imagine a world where poverty is replaced by prosperity. Imagine a world where financial independence enables freedom of choice. Imagine a world where we all can make a difference and contribute to society by not leaning on the government pennies for our future, but contributing our pennies to the government for our future generations. Such a world can exist. If you choose to take the first step. Together we can then create this world. 

Money Intelligence (MQ) provides you with everything you need to know about money: how to make it, how to manage it and how to invest it. Beacuse when you increase your MQ, you not only take charge of your financial future, you can create real social change. 

This podcast is meant to inspire you to lead yourself and take others on the journey with you. I will share with you the key financial and business skills that I learnt over the past 25 years as an accountant and financial adviser. I will also interview business people from all walks of life, revealing their stories of success and failure, and their secrets to overcoming challenges. So are you ready to change the way you think about money? Listen to Money Intelligence now and find out how you can improve your finances and leave a legacy of financial indepedence for the next generation.