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Episode 10

The 10 Year Plan from Employee to Millionaire - Interview with Chris Popoff

Suzan Winner published on

Chris Popoff's CV ticks all the boxes of engineer turned entrepreneur and accredited investor. His career as an oil and gas engineer working for some of Canada's well-known energy companies led him to the world of finance and private equity investing. Working out financial models and discounted cash flow forecasts for big engineering projects paved the way for his next venture into finance which allowed him to reach his "enough money number" and live a financially comfortable lifestyle. He now helps young entrepreneurs ready to quit their corporate jobs to fast track their financial independence by buying established profitable businesses from soon to be retirees. His business "My First Seven" provides A-Z sourcing, matching, coaching and financing well run established businesses that young entrepreneurs can buy over a 5 year period to secure their "first seven figures" using a combination of bank business loan, private equity funding, and vendor finance. Instead of building up a startup that will take years to take off, Chris subscribes to fast-tracking your success through acquisition. He believes this is a win-win business model that allows business owners nearing their retirement to sell their business to the next generation of Millenials so they also secure their retirement and keep these companies and the economy going. 

"Who says you can't be a millionaire while you’re still young enough to enjoy it?" Chris Popoff can show you how. You can reach him by emailing Chris also hosts his own podcast My First Seven. Subscribe to this podcast and learn more. 

But that's not all. Chris is not only an engineer and advisor. He is an advocate for eradicating energy poverty to 2 billion people on the planet. He believes we don't need to have a chasm between those with too much energy and those with not much. His energy company Terrestrial Energy aims at providing an alternative source of energy in nuclear technology.  The company's proprietary Advanced Reactor technology is called Integral Molten Salt Reactor technology (“IMSR®” technology). It will revolutionise the way we use nuclear energy.  

And Chris is only 35 years old! He is a wise old soul whom I enjoyed talking with about life, family, connecting, win-win solutions as well as talking about finance, business and eradicating energy poverty around the world. This Millenial is the embodiment of wisdom, intelligence, and global citizenship. He forged his path to happiness by taking control of his finances, building his enterprise as well as co-founding a company whose vision is to balance the energy haves with the have-nots. To find out more about his amazing company click here

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