Episode 42

Doritos Flavr Blasted Extremely Serious Episode

Mort Ville published on

This week the gang is joined once again by Mariah the Messiah to go DEEP into a bunch of serious shit like the opioid epidemic, dead friends, addiction, pharma demons, the education system and class, whether it's cooler to be a college grad like Troll Princess or an 8th grade dropout like Lil Tee, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Sorry if this one is too serious, we don't always have to be complete dumbasses, do we? Also I'm bummed I said Terry Gross  when I was making fun of Diane Rehm. This week's breaks are Nick Drake's version of the Jackson C. Frank song "Milk and Honey" and "Anorexia" by The Iron Curtain. Subscribe to Mortville!!!

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