Episode 54

Maloha: Mortville Coconut Edition

Mort Ville published on

This week the Mort-icians are on the road, and the whole crew podcasts from deep within the jungle of the Big Island of Hawaii! In the first half, the OG Mort Crew discusses their adventures and travels across the island, Matt's nuanced mastery of the Hawaiian language, and are viciously attacked by bees, wild pigs, and helicopters. In the second late night half, Lil Brutus taps out and Matt's wife Karrot hops on the mic for a weird, rambling discussion about Matt's fetish for mature women, yet another rant about craft beer, and a bunch of other stuff. This week's breaks are "Polygondwanaland" and "Searching.../The Fourth Colour" by King Gizzard. Subscribe to Mortville, and follow the Mortville instagram @mortville_podcast!

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