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Episode 2

Tiger Talk: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Detroit Tigers' Spring

Dave Holcomb published on

Fansided's "Tiger Talk" presented by Motor City Bengals debuts with its duo-host format with Matt Pelc and Dave Holcomb. On this episode, Pelc and Holcomb run through the good, the bad & the ugly from the Detroit Tigers spring training starting with Justin Verlander's triceps cramp. Verlander left Friday's game with the cramp and will not pitch in his next scheduled spring training start, but Pelc explains why he isn't too concerned... yet.

That leads to the ugly, which would be the replacements in the case Verlander or any other important player goes down for the Tigers. It's one thing to be injury prone, but it's an entirely new problem if there is a big drop off between the starter and the backup, which might be the case for the 2015 Detroit Tigers.

Finally, in the Around the League segment, Holcomb and Pelc debate whether of not Pete Rose should have another chance at reinstatement or being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The two argue both sides and play devil's advocate with each other while both agreeing new baseball commissoner Rob Manfred is being extremely political on the subject.

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  • Douglas Faulmann

    Hi, totally agree with Miggy batting 3rd, with the main argument being you need your best hitter in RBI position and getting him a first at bat in the 1st inning. My biggest worries are definitely Nathan and Joba. I thought the same thing last year about Joba's meltdown in ALDS. I think Soria should close. Pete Rose should not be re-instated. He broke the cardinal rule, one that is beaten into the brains of every player who plays a major league game.... If you bet on baseball as an active player, you will be banned for life. No question. Can't wait for April 6th! Bless You Boys.

  • Dave Holcomb


    Thanks so much for listening and sending us a comment. We really appreciate it! Thank goodness Opening Day is upon us!