Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 35

Car Talk Radio Show Dubai Eye 16 January 2017

Shahzad Sheikh published on

Podcast Cartalk Dubai Eye 21 Nov 2016

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The Gulf New Desert Fun Drive - or is it the Mad Max adventure into the Unknown Empty Quarter!
Taking the MME Ram into the merciless Liwa Desert - how did it do?
Chevrolet Spark review - James doesn't know what he's talking about.
And let's say it - manual transmissions are dead in Dubai. You say you want it, but you don't.
What do we think of the Volkswagen Beetle?
What buy a convertible if you're not going to put the roof down?
Cheap car for off-roading?
I've got AED200,000 to spend on an awesome car - what should I get?
What's wrong with the PT Cruiser convertible?
Volvo XC90 or Honda MRV/Pilot?


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