Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 30

Car Talk Radio Show Dubai Eye 17 October 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

Imthishan got a new car - A brand new Ram. The death of the Automatic transmission. Trying to find a stereo for a DeLorean. How can an Corvette look any different with electric motors? 2015 Lincoln something - even the owner doesn't know. Merc C63, Audi S4 or BMW M3? Best hot hatch - VW Golf GTI Clubsport? What's the new Honda CR-V like? Base on Civic with confusing engines. Active notice control developed by Lotus on an Esprit testbed called SID. 2017 Camaro SS - sounds awesome! Watch this space - special video series on Camaros soon. Chinese cars - we've tested the Changan. Ford Bronco - what will it really be?

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