Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 33

Car Talk Radio Show Dubai Eye 21 November 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

Just Shahzad in with James tonight. Lots of questions and messages this week.

Trying to cure James of Corvettitis!
Don't use your phones on the go.
Taking a different tack with the Pious Prius this week.
More electric cars on the way.
What to do about attending to paint issues with a Lexus?
Can you get a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am here, asks a Knight Rider fan.
Any alternative to a Honda Accord Coupe?
How is a Single Cab truck off-road?
Wrangler - should you buy? Yes!
Ford Expedition - does it say America to you?
Lincoln Navigator? What about it?
Toyota Prado or Subaru WRX? Huh? Duh!
You have to relate to the VW Scirocco to really get it.
Should a listener trade in his Mazda to get a VW Golf GTI Clubsport? Yeah, but hurry, only three left!
Mazda CX-9 or Ford Edge. We have an argument.
Why buy a Prado when you could have a Fortuner?

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