Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 16

Car Talk Radio Show from Dubai 2 May 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

Taking the GMC Sierra to Filli - no, not Philly! Caller wants to buy a Toyota Celica - good idea? We find an even better one online - buy that! Caller wants a car for a young family - Hyundai Sante Fe, or alternatives like the Tiguan. What's as durable as Hummer H3? Finding out your mileage has been clocked. Which Mercedes should I buy if I don't have much money? Caller wants a Toyota Sienna, but that's not available officially in the region, so what are the alternatives - Honda Odyssey, Ford Flex, VW Multivan. Plus a car called Bruce - a Dodge Charger. So what next for a lady who looks cool cars? Should you buy the new Camaro, or strike a deal on the remaining stock of the old car? Plus of course - relationship advice. Huh?!


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