Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 15

Car Talk Radio Show from Dubai 25 Apr 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

High rolling in the Bentley Mulsanne. How to get the stench of a pack of onions in the boot of a car - or not! Should a listener buy a Mercedes buy a Jap-import E55 AMG, or CL55? Shaken by the Japanese Shaken. Why aren't there more Audi TT models on the road - and should one buy a manual RS? No Tesla yet. New 2016 Honda Civic review - buy this instead of... Buying old European performance cars - good or bad? Mustang GT350, Maserati GranTurismo or BMW M6 GranCoupe - from someone who owns a BMW 850CSi. Mosts reliable SUV? Should you buy an old Charger SRT8. Fading stickers. Nissan Maxima. Should we worry about VAT?

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