Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 24

Car Talk Radio Show from Dubai 27 June 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

Podcast from our Radio Show - CarTalk - on Dubai Eye 103.8FM from 27 June 2016 with Dr James Piecowye.

The Nissan Maxima - striking innit? Chevrolet's for sale on Ramadan Special Editions. Little-known Subaru? WRX, Focus ST or Toyota 86? But you won't believe what gives the most horsepower for the money? What car doesn't have electric windows anymore? Ram truck is big value. Classic Land Cruiser available in five-door version again - for AED140k. Lexus LX570 - any good? Should you import 'vintage' classic cars into the UAE to sell? New Corvette will be 'mid-engine'? Line-Lock - what it is? What does it do? Oh... and a little bit of Brexit. Shahzad reckons he is better at burnouts than Line-Lock. He even thinks he can accelerate better than a launch control. Long term Chrsyler 300C SRT - you won't believe the fuel economy we got out of it. What's the optimal speed? What is that on a Wrangler? Listener is buying a Subaru WRX! We suggest gold wheels. Plus where to get advice. What are rear spoilers really for? Somewhere to put the Karak and Oman Chips Sandwich. Ford GT special edition looks awesome. How LeMans helps manufacturers. What are postcards? And why are we talking about them? Listener thinks his Jeep has been modified all wrong? Fun car for a roadtrip in the mountains in Italy? Mini Cooper Diesel, Infiniti Q30 or VW Golf? Should we wait for the new Ford Raptor - or buy remaining stock if available? Why don't people modify the Toyota Prado?

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