Motoring Middle East Podcast
Episode 25

Cartalk radio show from Dubai Eye 22 August 2016

Shahzad Sheikh published on

First go in the new Mercedes E-Class with tech briefing with semi-autonomous modes and self-parking that's even self-doubting! Coolest rear lights on a Durango? Following cars around because you like it's back end! Mercedes S-Class stereo - the magnificent Burmeister. Aren't drivers aids just making us lazy drivers? Cars that will off-road by themselves (Land Rovers) and those will do the perfect lap by themselves (Nissan GTR). Do we like the Opel Astra OPC? Get the Golf GTI Clubsport. The Mini that really stands out is the one that hasn't been personalised? And why don't they make them a bit cheaper? When do we think we will have autonomous cars. How will this happen? Why would you own a car in the future? Should dealer servicing be different across invidual dealerships? Who's best to work on a used Porsche? Is a Patrol an Infiniti or is the the Armada or... what is going on? What's the point of ranting about driving cars when even the enthusiasts have thrown in the towel! What about the Chevrolet Malibu? New Ford Edge or a used Mercedes C200? What about that Kia Carnival? Good looking or what? Or Honda Odyssey? Let's have more MPVs! Best off-roader? We all come up with different answers - doh!

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