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Bodymind Therapeutic Coaching Techniques with Claire Wilde

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Therapy approaches the past and coaching projects you into the future, however if you have a backpack of baggage from your past, then you will carry it forward into your future. Claire started her practice through shiatsu and started learning how the mind and the body are inextricably linked. Chronic pain affects themind in big ways and chronic negative thoughts will also affect the body too. She became passionate about Shiatsu massage and through this came across Bodymind Centering., which is a systemic approach where everything is linked. When you touch one part of the system it affects everything else. Shiatsu comes from Japan and Bodymind centering comes from the US.

When some of her clients started coming to her with traumas, she decided to start helping more with trauma healing through bodywork. Body is not just the physical body - there's the energetic body, emotional body, intellectual body, and even spiritual body. So bodywork encompasses the entire system that comprises a body. 

Every pain and every problem has a meaning for you, especially if it has been going on for years. The questions to ask is how this pain is affecting your different bodies - energetic, emotional, etc. There are some books that indicate which pain relates to what life experiences. Although this can be useful, it's not always the case, because we attach meanings to our pain. What we think and what we say can affect the pain in the body. For example, one client believed that she was carrying her fear in her lower back. However, what this created for her was a belief that until she gets rid of her fear, she will get rid of her back pain, thereby making it impossible to relieve her pain. By giving her permission to let go of her pain and accept that she will always have fear and that it doesn't necessarily store in the back helped her relieve her pain.

You can get into the body and physically do some somatic work to get rid of the pain, but most of the time people don't care why that happened if they don't have the physical manifestation of the pain any more. The important thing to note is that our present is creating our future. Balancing everything out by being okay with your present will really help with your future. It starts with finding peace with your past issues. From there, you can envision your future, know where you are going, and take the steps along the journey.

If you come down to what you really need, then you can leave space for the most important needs to be met as opposed to chasing specific goals of where you want to be. This also helps with the process of enjoying the journey as opposed to getting to the destination. It's a constant assessment of re-evaluating what you need and what is most important. This helps you shift from being a victim of circumstances to a creator of their lives. 

Most people don't know what they want, which is why coaching is so valuable. Coaching provides a mirror to a person to help them see their blind spots and how they can get past those and start living a happier life with more clarity on what they want. A coach asks the right questions and does not let them hide, because it's very easy to hide from yourself and not so easy to hide from a coach.

When you understand your values and what's important then there is no procrastination, because you know who you are and what best serves you. Seeing the patterns and the sheer fascination with life and more ways to get in touch with life and lives is what keeps Claire in her practice and serving others through her coaching techniques.

Your story is a part of you but not necessarily who you are. It's very easy to put people into boxes, and yet the stories we tell ourselves only go as far as we allow them. Control is ultimately in our own hands. When Claire's father committed suicide, it shifted her, especially since he was always putting on a happy face and being the life of the party. This lead her to a curiosity of life and how the human mind works.

Claire's top tips:

1. Be resilient. Be okay with who you are no matter what, even if you want to be someone else.
2. Recognize the pain, and be with it. Pain and suffering are two different things. Pain is inevitable. The meaning and attachment we put on pain leads to suffering.
3. Don't resist. Suffering is resistance. Say, "Yes, and..." This way you can see all the possibilities and be able to move forward or ask for help.

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