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Episode 16

Create a Bucket List to Live Your Epic Life with Kiruba Shankar

Alyse Speyer published on

Kiruba self-expressed that he wears three hats life: running a digital marketing agency in Chennai, teaching as a professor, and growing food on his organic farm.

For Kiruba, a happy life is doing the things that he finds enjoyable, even if they are seemingly disparate. The one thing in common is him. What does authoring a book about a Sirian refugee who lived in Kuala Lumpur airport for 200 days has to do with organic farming or digital marketing? Easy, he finds it interesting and enjoyable.

Conventional wisdom says to go deep into one area of expertise, and yet we find ourselves wanting to do more. A well-lived life is aboout creating a balance and also designing the experiences you want to have in your life, even if it might take years to accomplish. Each of these compnents of Kiruba's life feeds into one another. The agency affords him the ability to work on projects he enjoys, the ones that really matter, and to also work on his farm on the weekends. Eventually, he plans to turn his farm into a retreat center to provide people with deep immersions on goal setting, book authoring, leadership, and life design.

The first step is making the decision to go for it. Sometimes, you do have to burn your bridges and not build safety nets, otherwise you will ultimately rely on them instead of pushing yourself toward your dream life. Take the jump and think about what it is that you enjoy and how you can do it a little differently than the rest. Then put the best quality and most amount of passion into it so that others can't help but ask for your services.

The other thing is to remember that we do live in the real world and responsibility is unavoidable, although it can be enjoyable. Have multiple passion projects, but remember the balance of life and what rhythm will truly work for you.

Over the years as a podcaster and entrepreneur, Kiruba shared that successful people all have a pattern, regardless of their domain. That pattern is having clarity and a vision that is larger than life. It's the big, hairy, audacious goal. If you don't have one yet, then start building your bucket list, something all successful people have. The psychology behind bucket lists is that it helps you push yourself to constantly perform better.

Asking yourself the question: "what makes me happy?" allows your brain to start building more and more ideas. It ignites the creativity centers in the brain. After some time, the fuzziness starts to disappear and things fall into place about what you actually want to achieve. Then, it'll be time to put it into action. we can achieve much more than we think we can, when we do something consistently on a daily basis. It’s about showing up to whatever it is that you want in life and allow the universe to take care of the things you can't control.

Pay attention to the aha moments in your life - and take action on them. Don’t just listen.

When creating a bucket list, it helps to go somewhere completely unfamiliar and beautiful. Be together with a tribe of people that speak your own language and have accountability for each of those goals. This, in essence, is a mastermind of peers who can help push you forward and toward your goals.

Also don't forget that building a bucket list should be an enjoyable process. It’s easy for us to stress ourselves out about what we want to achieve. When it starts feeling like work, then there’s a problem. When writing, assume you have all the time and money in the world and that there will be no judgement or repercussions from other people. What is it that you would enjoy doing? 

Remove your limitation and keep pushing yourself to write a very long list - take a few days, weeks, or months. Make it excruciatingly long list, and then you can start a few things that really really matter to you. You might even start to notice patterns and themes. Choose the ones that give you goosebumps that you would want to look back on your life and be proud that you achieved that, then block your calendar for achieving them. Even if it’s only 10 minutes a day and schedule it! If it's not in your calendar, it won't happen.

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