Movement Unedited
Episode 2

Emotionally Moved to Inspired Action with Sammy Tagget aka DJ Shoebox Moses

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Your pain can be your greatest gift to the world. Sammy Tagget aka DJ Shoebox Moses, explains what it takes to move people on the dance floor and also yourself toward inspired action. Music is a powerful motivator for many of us, and for Shoebox Moses, it started with an interest in music that he fostered into a passion of building the soundtrack to our lives, and later a mission to moving orphans and children all over the world to play music, create art, and break through limits.  

We sometimes get confronted with a call to action, a feeling, an emotion that drives us to move - for better or worse. Emotions are bits of information that help us to navigate the world. We can let our emotions rule us or we can let them inform us like a cabinet of advisors. Sometimes, we need to take control over our pain and flip it into a different perspective, making room for more positive movement in our lives.

New Meaning on Past Pain

Sammy Tagget came the to the name Shoebox Moses from two emotional and moving stories in his life. Somewhere in Manila, Phillippines, he was found in a shoebox in a dumpster left for an uncertain fate. "Shoebox" holds special significance as a reminder of who he his and where he came from. Moses holds a meaning that stems from his desire to free people from the opression and limits that are holding them back from truly living. Finding this name gave Sammy new meaning to his origin story and lead him to find his mission.

Through music, he inspires, motivates, and moves people on the dance floor and in their lives, holding space for people to commune and be together through music. When you take control over who you are and use your emotions as a guide for movement, the universe conspires to make things happen for you. With this new sense of purpose, Sammy radically altered the way he performed. 

Emotional Awareness 

He got another insight after seeing a "behind the scenes" show of how the soundtrack for the movie The Incredibles was made, he was moved emotionally. This emotion lead him to a deeper understanding of the power behind putting the soundtrack to people's lives so that they can innovate, create, and change the world. Dancing, moving, expressing are all forms of art that allow us as humans to inspire flow. There's a reason why we dance, why it feels good, and why some of our best ideas come from when we're moving. 

Emotions move us in a number of ways, and we can also embody our emotions, meaning place them somewhere on our bodies. Doing so gives us a richness and depth to our own human experience and even texture to our language - expressions like "choked up" stem from an emotion that catches your throat. When you discover an emotion that affects you, that moves you, place it on your body and really feel into it. Sammy taps back into the moment he felt moved by soundtracks by physically reliving the sensations that emotion gave him, like a deep breath that serves as a reminder of why he's doing what he's doing. 

One way you can tap deeper into your feelings and learning from them is by asking yourself questions and taking notes. This increases your emotional awareness and emotional intelligence. Journaling or reflecting on your experience can lead you to the logical next step in your journey. You'll begin to see a pattern that is your unique imprint. After ever show, Sammy asks the following questions:

  • What was I feeling? 
  • Do I feel like I did a great job does something need to change? 
  • Was I fulfilled or empty?

Knowing what you feel, how you feel, and where you feel it can provide you with a compass and offer clarity on your path as long as you don't get attached to the emotion. I find it useful to remind myself that I am not my emotions; I have them. Just like a CEO to her executive team, she has them to support but isn't them or defined by them. Looking at emotions and movement also allows us to understand deeper levels of curiosity and perhaps lead us to collaborate and commune with the right people - the ones that light us up, inspire us, or show us a new way of doing and being. 

More About Sammy Tagget

Shoebox Moses has created a name for himself in the DJ world, playing with superstars such as Skrillex, Empire of the Sun, and Avicii. He also is the founder of a non-profit called The Foundlings that teaches kids in the Phillippines, including the ones in the orhpanage from where he was adopted, to live inspired lives through art and music.

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