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Episode 15

Energy Healing through Massage and Sound with Maximiliano de Campos

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When Maximiliano “Max" de Campos was an engineer and a rugby player in Montevideo, Uruguay. When a shoulder injury had changed his life completely. It was a moment of awakening where everything he was told about life and society had changed for him. Max started asking deeper questions about the direction of his life. 

When you have the right question, the teacher appears. The journey becomes more about finding the right questions for you. As you seek, you begin to find your tribe of the people who think like you. For Max, the transformation occurred externally. Ater taking a course at the Art of Living. He stopped drinking and smoking and started cleansing by practicing yoga, breathwork, and meditation..

He observed that when he started to remove the layers of illusion, his light started coming through, and he wanted to remove all the layers until there's nothing but light. Unfortunately after a while, he began to stop his practices and the drugs and alcohol came back into his life. His life started taking a turn for the worse with violent and toxic behaviour. 

A turning point came, when a friend invited him to a club and to take MDMA. With the intensity of emotion that the drug induced, Max began massaging people. He rmemebered how much he loved massaging. His mom had taught him when he was a kid and that he'd been doing it his whole life. The epiphany was that this was his calling. Even his anatomy was built for it as his thumbs can bend backward at a 90 degree angle. Max then took an ayurvedic massage course and started massaging friends to the rhythm of his favorite albums. This lead him to developed a healing massage technique called ElectroSynergy, which is a type of massage therapy paired with energy healing done in sync with electronic music. The combination of energies connect to create something new and healing.

The healing aspect of the massage is the energy healing transfer between the therapist and the person receiving the massage paired with the healing sounds of music. This spurred an idea to do the ElectroSynergy massages at parties.

The massage thereapy at the parties are about 15 minutes. Max then began massaging at parties and had a private practice. He then decided to go back to cleaning his own energy, learning Reiki and Akasahic record readings. Max followed his path to Brazil to discover more about his own unique methodology and add more structure to his treatments.

In one year from the start of his business, he began getting invited to bigger and bigger parties doing opening ceremonies and clearing the space and programming the space energetically for transformataion. He noticed that several people who were on drugs and received the ElectroSynergy massage therapy started reducing their consumption and moving on to a path of seeking what is truly best for them without numbing their brains and bodies with intoxicants.

Now the process evolves into first understanding the intention of the recipient, then applying a bit of reiki, and then a healing massage therapy in sync with music and with the other multiple ElectroSynergy masseuses. Like a dance, all hands and energies are in sync with each other and with the music. Sometimes the recipient will receive a message from the energy healing related to their intention, in which case Max will deliver this message that often sends these seekers on a deeper, more fulfilling life path. 

In private practice, he will often spend hours to provide deeper healing which involves a bit of coaching to get to the root cause of the issues the person is wanting to heal.

He feels he found the middle path, first coming to the light, then a return to the dark with a different party scene, and then moving through his own transformation being the light in the party that influences transformation through his technique. He has now come out of a six month break where he went deeper into his own spiritual and personal development so that he can continue to serve more people.

It's a reflection of where we are living now. When we begin to consciously look for something deeper, we become the light in the darkness, and it's the same at an electronic party with this healing method as the light in the middle of the chaos of the party.

Max offers his tips for transformation:

1. Listen to yourself while you are speaking. When you speak, you are manifesting things into your world. So be conscious of how you speak, especially with yourself.

2. Tap into your own intuition. Formulate a yes or no question,. Close your eyes and feel if the answer is on the chest (yes) or belly (no).

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