Movement Unedited
Episode 9

Ethical Food Sourcing and How Food Moves with Asma Hasan

Alyse Speyer published on

Have you ever wondered how food gets to you? What is ethical sourcing and what is involved in sourcing and packaging food? With all the information and even misinformation and logical loops as it relates to food, who can we trust and what can we actually do about it? How can we move toward better decision making to our everyday food challenges?

Feeding populations on a large scale in a safe and sustainable way takes a lot of care, knowledge, and also research. Asma Hasan is a food sourcer and buyer for Amy's Kitchen, an organic food processing company. She also runs a blog called Food Unraveled where she breaks down exactly what happens with food during sourcing and also outlines in an understandable format governement regulations as it relates to food. She also writes about ethical food, slow food, where food comes from, and sustainable food practices.

It's difficult for the average consumer to find reliable information about food and food laws, especially with so many exceptions and confusing rules and laws in place. With a passion for creating an impact, Asma tells us how we can be better consumers and actually get our voices heard and have an impact on the food that gets bought and sold each day.

The single, best thing you can do is... call the number on the back of food packages and give as much feedback and information that you are willing to give. Another way is to vote with your dollar. Inform yourself and buy what works for you. Lead by example and be sure to think about your values while shopping for food. 

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