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Episode 21

Hack Your New Year's Resolutions

Alyse Speyer published on

New Year's resolutions are often forgotten after only a month, mostly because we keep them vague. Why is that? One of the things I've uncovered after some research and combining a few different goal setting exercises, and it comes down to the emotions we associate to them. We can place positive or negative ones. The choice is yours. Instead of picking resolutions that are arbitrary, I found that it's better to list out your whys, whats, and aaociated feelings. Here's the process I went through to hack my new year's resolutions and why I think it works:

  1. List out at least 5-7 of your Bes, Dos, and Haves. Who do you want to BE? What do you want to DO? and What do you want to HAVE? Allow yourself to free form flow. Don't think about how you will get there. This part is to uncover what it is that really makes your heart sing. Play and imagine that everything is possible.
  2. Add emotions to the items. What would it feel like once you already have accomplished these things? For example, visualize yourself already in your ideal weight. What does that feel like?
  3. Choose 2-3 of the ones that you really really want, ideally at least one from each column. - the most important ones.
  4. Add a cost to each of the important ones that you've starred. What's the financial cost? What is the time committment? What is it going to feel like if I spend the time and/or money on this? The idea here is to understand the trade-offs and allow your creative brain to come up with solutions that you wouldn't normally have thought of. For example, if you want to fly first class - what's the actual cost or is there something else that you could do, such as acquire airline miles to offset the extra cost.
  5. Take a break, walk away or jump up and down.
  6. For each of the important ones you chose, write out the very next, easy action. Break it down into a task that could be done today. For example, look on United for the number of miles required for a one-way, business class ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Cusco. Another example, make a decision on whether or not to publish or self-publish.
  7. Take that action today!

When you allow yourself to focus on the just the very next step, your creative brain will start to answer those questions. This is really valuable because sometimes we focus on too many things, trying to piece together all the puzzle pieces without actually looking at each one and seeing where they fit.

Once you've mapped this out, you'll have a rough idea of what your time and costs are for the month.

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