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Episode 3

Happy and Healthy vs. Alive and Fulfilled with Emma Juniper

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How do we truly live a happy and healthy life? Are happiness and health what we truly strive for or is it a fulfilled life and abundance? What does it really mean to be alive and fulfilled?

There comes a point in our lives where we might find ourselves less than happy or even less than healthy —  a place of disempowerment, where we are not so inspired to move. Emma Juniper, Life Coach and Business Strategist, shares her insights on how she went from workforce burnout into an abusive relationship and onto creating a global women’s empowerment movement called the Global Sisterhood and an extraordinary life for herself.

After burning out from trying to save the earth in her work in developing countries, Emma decided to take a one-two year break. She ended up in an abusive relationship for nine months, where she lost her sense of self and self-respect. From this place of disempowerment and the lowest point in her life, she wanted to show others what belief is and what is mindset and true confidence. What does it really mean to be alive? What is trauma? There is a lot the body goes through on a biochemical level, emotional level, and even spiritual level. 

In a fateful moment, while having lunch with a friend, Emma felt drawn to helping create a women’s circle for International Women’s Day.  It was at a time where a lot of things had come to completion - a relationship, her home, etc. This was her life unfolding, and it didn’t need to be anything different or more than she already was. Life was unfolding. 

There are triggers that stimulate the body, which in turn gives messages, or signs. For Emma, hearing her friend at lunch talk about creating something for International Women’s Day, her heart lit up. It was like a tingling, a presence of potential — natural and immediate. She followed that feeling to play with the creative ideas and inspirations that were bubbling up for her. 

In that moment, everything was brighter. It came from a deep knowing, a sense of natural passion. She had energy to contribute and support this project, which eventually turned into a mission and a women’s empowerment movement to celebrate sisterhood on a global scale.

Tips for women (or men) to tap into their own empowerment:

  • Yoga - Physical movement can help move around and release the blocked emotions, energy, and limiting beliefs.

  • Emotional Awareness - Feel into your emotions and look at the possible directions your life could take if you hold onto that negative (or conversely, positive) feeling.

  • Openness to Change - Be willing, vulnerable, and open to failing on this journey.

  • Practice Conscious Choices - Instead of practicing blame and overwhelm, choose to add droplets of hope to your situation a little each day. Small, daily changes make a huge impact.

Re-building self-trust and self-confidence is a practice, and over time, will affect your ability to show up and breath and create healthier habits, to move consciously through this world, to live a fulfilled life.

There’s also a tipping point to becoming healthy. Emma describes her journey of going deep into health craze to the point where it was unhealthy, also known as orthorexia. Instead, she found it better to tap into her body’s natural wisdom and become more in-tune with the body’s messages and signs that it gives. And if that’s not for you, know that negative self-talk and self-criticism is the most unhealthy thing you can do.

Everything unfolds as it is meant to, and the lesson is there to teach. We must remain open and willing to let it guide us. True movement starts deep with in.

What fuels you? What nourishes you physically, emotionally, and spiritually? How can you show up as yourself truly and fully you.

Don’t forget to move. Get up and shake your body, jump up and down, and wiggle… that is, of course, assuming you’re not driving a car.

More about Emma Juniper

Emma Clare Juniper is an Emotional Mastery Expert, Authentic Confidence Coach and Transformational Retreat Facilitator. She assists visionary leaders in accelerating their inner liberation and fulfilling soul-guided success through workshops, online courses, retreats, and VIP Private Coaching Intensives.

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