Movement Unedited
Episode 18

Healing and Transformation through Creative Writing

Alyse Speyer published on

Creative writing is another language in which we can express and also look at our own personal development. By allowing your mind to play and simply have fun with the craft, you are sending a message to the rest of your body to trigger new perspectives and moments from your life. What you write is very much authentically you, especially when the creative exercise is timeboxed.

Write a poem about a word in one minute. The act renders quality and perfection useless and allows the brain to simply create art without the fear of whether or not the result would be good. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because you're choosing to access a different part of the brain so that we can release any unspoken trauma and step into transformation.

Then it comes to sharing your art. By sharing it you release even further becomes it now becomes something that you own, rather than something that owns you. It's the same as validating your creative business ideas. What is it that you really want to create and does it impact others? The same is for creative writing. By sharing we practice the art of nonattachment and move through resistance to overcome the challenge and become the strength and force that drives your creativity and ideas forward.

Writing is a powerful tool that only humans have to express and create. We have this for a reason to document and share collective human knowledge, which all began from creativity. Take a few moments to write a short story in 5 minutes that is a true story about you. Then see what you want to do with this story. Do you want to change it? Do you need to sit with this story? Do you want to share it?

Let me know what you think about this exercise in the comments below.

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