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Episode 23

How to Be a Future Hippie with Mika Yogini

Alyse Speyer published on

Following your dream is not easy. It does take work, and we can also underestimate what can be done in a week over what is done in a year. Mika only thought of Future Hippie one year ago and now it's a reality.

"If someone would have told me what would be in the way on this journey, I would've said no. However it's such an amazing journey following your dreams. Sometimes you put a wish out into the universe, and then it happens with a little work and a lot of love."

A way to find out what to do next is to keep writing out what's important to you. Mika recommended an exercise she did at a community class that helped her realize how important Future Hippie is to her and why.

First, write a list of ten things that are completely into?

Then take three of them out.

Then take out another three.

Then finally take out one more so that you are left with three. This helps you get clear on what you really want and what's most important.

The most important thing for me right now is Future Hippie and working toward making this retreat center absolutely amazing.

For Mika, it's about cultivating a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis and not just retreating once in a while to escape. Let's say you have a super busy lifestyle for the rest of the year and you need to retreat from all the other activities and doing a detox from everything. After your journey and your holiday, you go back to normal. At Future Hippie, we cultivate balance and integrate healthy uses of technology.

It's not about extremes, it's about finding the middle path. You can have the beach side yoga classes with coffee and a place to work and really integrate mindfulness into a daily practice. There's no need to go to extremes. Basic living with all the necessary stuff and nothing too fancy and that's the lifestyle we want to create for ourselves and for others. It's about complete integration and making yoga and mindfulness available for the majority and for normal people.

"The most surprising component that we didn't plan for was the vegan cafe. It was never in the plan, and I'm really happy about it," Mika said.

Never forget to trust in life. It may not turn out exactly as planned. It might be even better!

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