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Episode 4

How to Move into Your Perfect Day without Decision Fatigue with Alex T. Steffen

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There are many ways to learn and understanding yourself personally is the fastest way to face business challenges too. Alex T. Steffen shares his experiences running business masterminds that allow people to connect on a deeper level and face personal and business challenges together.

Learning and developing masterminds have a framework of an upside down pyramid with the corners as environment, activities that push comfort zones, and vulnerability. In order to approach problems or challenges, it helps to leave your environment to a place where it's more inviting to learn, to be curious, excited, and passionate. In this environment, you can cultivate experiences that shake you. When that happens you can then channel energy to an increased awareness of self and transform in the face of the challenge.

Adding peers to the mix and open, safe sharing increases a level of community and connection. Sometimes we just need to own our challenges and share our fears so that we can become stronger and even find our mission. Qualifications and skill only take you so far, having relatable stories moves us forward faster and deeper than anything else.

Real transformation personal or business starts with the self. Big business challenges often boil down to a personal growth obstacle that can be managed and transformed into success. Often times, the root cause is a fear of failure. Apply this to a leader (or leadership team) who needs to make multiple strategic decisions daily, some that affect individuals or even teams. How you approach your fear of failure and ability to surpass the discomfort and take the risk will make all the difference personally and professionally. 

Decision fatigue

When we make too many decisions daily, it piles up and the quality of your decisions toward the end of the day start to weaken. Your choices create your reality, and often times in the game of business if you don't take a decision, then somebody else will. Steve Jobs was famous for reducing the number of decisions he made daily in order to focus solely on the biggest challenges. He wore the same series of clothes so as to not to exhaust his decision making muscle.

The stronger you are in the discipline of aligning decisions to your values, the faster you will be at making them and the more fulfilling they will get. You will begin to make decisions out of free will. Initially, it may take some time make this a habit. But once you push through the resistance, then life gets easy. You will be more in alignment and more yourself.

Finding Core Values

To find your core values, it's really helpful to disconnect for a day or two and really get to know yourself without distraction. 

Another exercise is to write out or map out your perfect day, a vision of how you want a day in your life to be three years from now. The key is to tell your story as descriptive as possible build in future elements and look gor value systems in the why and the feeling behind each moment. Do it more than once to upgrade it.

That way when you are challenged by a decision, you have a vision as a compass. It’s obvious because this is how I want my life to be.

Book Recommendation:
How Do You Measure Your Life by Clayton M Christensen

More About Alex

Alex T. Steffen is a business consultant, bestselling author and award-winning presenter. Formerly a Director of Show Quality at Disney, his professional focus is innovation management and the future of work. Alex's mission is to make transformation more joyful for leaders. He works with businesses such as Mercedes, AirBnB, and Huawei on the design of digital ecosystems and innovation communities. Alex is the co-founder of Growth Masters, an invite-only adventure Mastermind, which combines crowdsourced coaching and accountability systems to push entrepreneurs to the next stage in their business.

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