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Episode 5

Reprogram Your DNA through Soma Breathing with Niraj Naik

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Niraj Naik also known as the Renegade Pharmacist transformed his life with a combination of breathing, meditation, and music. During his career as a pharmacist, he discovered that he could heal people by simply changing their diets instead of stuffing them with drugs. The company's profits slowed down as a result of people buying fewer medications and therefore halted the program. Niraj then was confronted by a severe case of colitis, where he would have rto remove his intestines. After healing himself through these techniques, Niraj began dedicating his life to helping people use the power of their own breathing and visualization to reprogram their DNA, the imprint of the soul.

Through breathing, we have control over our autonomic nervous system and heal chronic illness. It's all about the relationship with your body and leveraging your body's natural pharmacy and natural healing to reduce stress and free radicals.

Niraj gives three tips.

1. Environment: Who do you spend most of your time with? What are the first 5 messages you get on your phone? Lifestyle is a prime indicator of health and habits. Sometimes you need to change your environment to achieve the transformation you are seeking. Take a class, get out of your comfort zone. You don't even have to tell anyone what you are doing at first. In order to change the tribe, you must change yourself first and stay firm in your choices.

2. Reprogram: The first seven years of life is where you get your habit programming. Once you have awareness to your environment and lifestyle. Reprogram yourself. Most bad behaviours like drinking and smoking are to fit in. It's a Fear of Feeling Out (FOFO). It's hardwired in us to stay close to the tribe. Otherwise we would face life-threatening consequences. Follow your curiosity and go outside of what everyone else is doing.

3. Breathwork: Pranayama means breath control, and it can be used to leverage the body's natural healing mechanisms. Too much oxygen in the body can cause cell damage and free radicals. Controlling the breath and putting yourself in low-oxygen moments and inducing a positive stress response allows the body to release stem cells for healing and also allows for easier stress management. Practice slowing down the breath. The ideal rhythmic breathing is five breaths per minute or challenge yourself to breath as few as one breath per minute. As you breathe in, you stimulate the sympathetic nervous system while breathing out stimulates thje parasympathetic.

When you feel the stress coming on, it's helpful to exhale first. We are hardwired to breath in and feel stress, which is the first thing you do when born. Exhalataion overrides the fear response. 

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