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Episode 22

What a Billion Dreams Look Like with Zaid Fredericks

Alyse Speyer published on

After two years of travel and soul searching, Zaid Fredericks teamed up with an artist and friend to turn the world's dreams into one, big global art piece. The intention is to get people to dream together and see what other people around the world are dreaming. Constellations wants to connect more people through dreams and open conversations on how dreams can be used for the benefit of humanity.

They started with a small art piece created from collecting 250 dreams and presenting it at a gala dinner. It got them thinking, what would the power be of a billion dreams? They've spoken at the United Nations to show how dreams have power over humanity and support the sustainable goals and raise awareness to a wider group of people. The project is still in its nascency and the two are still analyzing how the to tie the dreams to support a wider vision of helping the people see the bigger picture of saving the planet.

The best way to get to understand your dreams is to start writing them down. Take notes on your fascinations and what moves you, then you'll start to notice patterns as to what your dream really is. Another way to access your dreams is to do breathwork. It's a great tool to getyou into your body and understand at a deeper level what you are feeling and what really is your dream. It's hard to dream because of our limiting beliefs and our conditioning. Once you have the dream, Constellations puts your dream into a capsule and creates an origami star and art piece that is a physical representation of their dream. The impact of seeing your own dream shows that it is possible and really starts some interesting conversations as to what the world is really dreaming about. You can also look at other people's dreams for inspiration and re-exercise the dreaming muscle.

When Zaid was in recruitment, he'd ask people what their dream job would be and 75-80% of people would say something completely different than the job that they were interviewing for. Most people were stuck on fear or social pressure. It helped him understand that people need to change their narrative to see what is possible for their dreams. 

Once you start dreaming, doors open and the universe conspires to make it so. Take the time to listen to yourself and your dreams. What's your dream?

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