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What It Takes to Be Financially Free with Robert Riopel

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Robert Riopel went from $150K in debt to financially free in 9 months. He shares his insights and journey on how he and his wife accomplished this and much more. Financial freedom means a lot more than what people think, and it’s also very much in reach for all of us. It just takes a bit of thinking, a bit of honesty, and working smart instead of working hard. The biggest mindset shift was why he and his wife spent money the way they did. Having awareness and understanding about your spending habits allows you to take control and really make some changes.

There are three elements of change:

  1. Awareness (What exists?)
  2. Understanding (Why do you think what you think? Where did it come from?
  3. Reconditioning (Take the mindset and cellular shifts to look and think in a different way)

Most people aren’t willing to take a look at their life and see honestly what they can do to move their life forward. The answers are usually right in front of us. Success does take work, but people don’t realise that they are going to work their butts off for less money anyway. Why not do it for more money? After taking the Millionaire Mind Intensive, they began systematising their Domino’s pizza franchise, which was not in the best location. Soon enough, several people wanted to buy it, and a deal of a lifetime came through as a result of them sticking to their integrity and knowing what they are worth.

Remember that you are earning a living from 9-5p, but what you do from 5-9 you create our life. Set up passive incomes in the mornings. It takes systems and discipline. Another great avenue for success is having accountability partners who can support you on the journey. People are often afraid to ask for help, when in reality, vulnerability is strength.

Success loves commitment, you must show up every week and also be grateful for what you do have. There is a difference between determination, devotion, dedication, and discipline. You need all of them for success. There will also be times when you want to give up. How do you move forward then? Say to yourself: “Look at what I’ve accomplished, can I take one more step?” Breath, say yes, and go. That’s how you get where you want to go.

Don’t forget to take breaks. Most people don’t take the time to have a break. Our conditioning tells us: “You’re being lazy, you have no passion or drive” or whatever we watched or heard our parents say growing up. We become just like them or the exact opposite. Beliefs get formed where we grow up. We’re taught to work hard, hard, hard or you’re not working up to your full potential. When in reality, it’s all about what you can do in the moment right here, right now. Maybe it doesn’t live up to other people’s expectations but that’s their crap and not yours unless you take it on. Instead of being caught up in your own crap, observe your mindset .Why are you thinking what you think? What’s the next step forward? Become disassociated with the negative thoughts in your head. And trust that it all ties up together somehow.

Another tip Robert gives is that the greatest gift anyone can give this world is to show up as you are. People will either appreciate you for it or not, both are great. We can only be who we are, and we must keep learning. Life is life, but at least enjoy the journey and always look for the lessons. Remind yourself to breath and just keep going.

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