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Episode 3


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This time on Movie Buddies we are joined by fellow artist Scott Benson.  In this episode we talk about Dune, why some of us hate it, and why some of us love it. We also talk about various general art/animation topics. 

Movie Buddies - Dune
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  • Pedro Cyrne

    Totally agree with Charles here. Also watched Dune as a kid and even played Dune II on my first PC back in thise days. Found it interesting you guys picked Dune, haven't watched it for a long long time but I've read the book a couple months ago and finished the game again in 3 days. I felt nostalgic, there's something special about it because of the old times.
    I feel the same when watching Predator or The Abyss or playing Legend of Kyrandia, its part of our infancy i guess so it has a special meaning.
    Prometheus is awesome, like you mentioned, the environment kind of lets you go with it.
    Plus I like aliens and spaceships.

  • Movie Buddies

    thanks pedro. i think we can all agree, when it comes to prometheus, sean and scott are fools!