Movies From The Hart
Episode 36

Mythic Quest: Please Sign Here

Paul Hart published on

Movies from the Hart presents Mythic Quest Season 2 Recap. The trio is back to announce they are packing up and moving to a new feed: Apple to Oranges: An Apple TV Plus Orignal Content Review Show. All Apple original content will be reviewed! Paul reads the announced series and films ready to come out and the ones that have been given the green light. Jesse gives a quick review of the show Trying, and Paul reviews 1971 and Mosquito Coast. The gang gushes Ted Lasso. Are video game sequels being replaced by remastered versions? Movie actors have jumped to TV the new trend jumping to video games? In our Mythic Quest deep dive of please sign here, June has flashbacks to corporate America HR meetings. Who loved it, who liked it? Did Jess Kill Mythic quest? Listen to find out. The train goes off the tracks. Be prepared to move with us and look for us at Apple to Oranges!

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