Moving Beyond Illness, Anxiety & Depression with Christina Bauer

Episode 18

Episode 17~ Diet & Nutrition

Christina Bauer published on

Diet & Nutrition

In this episode, we will be taking a look at food and how it can affect our health. Christina offers some simple guidance in regard to what we put in our bodies. She also shares her three non-negotiables in regard to living a healthy life.


Moving Beyond Illness, Anxiety & Depression. Many of us are struggling in our day to day lives with these symptoms which have become the norm in our society today. This can leave us feeling debilitated and out of control. We may yearn to find a way to manage these things or to even heal them. This IS Possible. Christina guides us from Symptom to Source, leading us back to the truth of our being. This is an explorative journey of discovery, certainly the greatest and most fulfilling journey of our lives. Through simple practices and insight, we begin to gain control over our lives again, regaining our own inherent Power Within. This podcast is certain to lift your spirits, give hope and lasting life transformation.  Understanding, Clarity, Peace, Calm, Joy, Guidance, Health and Certainty await you. Join Us.


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