My Dentist is my Gynecologist is a podcast dedicated to those who want to share their stories w/the world, but are afraid to. 


Consider it a somewhat audible version of a burn book. Covering crazy stories, bizarre hookups, drunk stories, bad dates, current events,  and overall good times. 

Comment or email me what your thoughts are. Or if you have a story of your own and would like to be a special guest, come along!

A headups, if you love Comedy but are easily offended...go to a different Podcast






AmarisVonG is a dame from Southern California that knows her libations. Pin Up modeling is a hobby of hers & thru out her travels, she has encountered insane situations and very interesting individuals. She leads a Retro Inspired Lifestyle. Filled w/ make up, cinema, travel, food, cars, and friends. Her Morticia Adams way of being has led her to all sorts of Shenanigans that will leave you asking...WTF?

Contact Info:

Instagram: Amaris_Von_G