My First Seven
Episode 8

How I Process Doubt and Disappointment - Musashi's Dokkodo

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On the journey of life and especially entrepreneurship, you will encounter set backs. You'll feel disappointment and the threat of self doubt will position itself to consume you entirely. I am in one of those mindsets today after choosing to withdraw a letter on intent on an acquisition prospect I invested over 2.5 years into. So I am going to share with you one of the ways that I "weed my fertile mental garden" by reading Miyamoto Musashi's Dokkodo. The Dokkodo is The Way of Walking Alone, and is 21 Simple precepts that encapsulated the famous 16th century undefeated Ronin Samurai's life philosophy. Indeed it was his final gift given to his top student just a week before he passed away. Other than the Book of Five RIngs, it is likely Musashi's most enduring and influential written work. 


Bonus Story: Musashi's Famous Final Duel against Kojiro - the final time he killed an opponent.

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