My First Seven
Episode 3

Master Discussing Difficult Subjects with Thaddeus Russell

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Thaddeus Russell is notorious. He is unafraid to think or speak about the things that college professors aren't supposed to think or speak about, and is leading a revolution in having thoughtful conversations about off-limit subjects across the US. This is a colossal project that is becoming more necessary with each passing day. Among his growing list of contributions to the world are being a father, Ph. D. of US history, notable author, founder of Renegade Univeristy, and host of Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell. I urge you to investigate all of his public works as they are truly thought provoking.The key transferrable lessons for your journey of independence that I hope were imparted in this episode revolve around the art of thinking clearly; identifying and challenging deeply embedded assumptions; considering culture, humanity and personal wounds and goals when dealing with others; and having conversations about difficult subjects aka forcing yourself to have that akward conversation - something I impart on ALL of my proteges from day 1. If this episode makes you uncomfortable, good... it was supposed to. What are you doing to make yourself uncomfortable and overcome it today? Enjoy.

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