My First Seven
Episode 2

Ryan Townend on Marketing, Authenticity and using Throughline to understand your purpose

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Almost everybody gets marketing wrong. Poorly understood, imagined, funded and supported. At least at first. But it is one of the FIRST areas you must confront and master when you get into business for yourself, because of the powerful multiplier effect it has. Marketing impacts almost everything in your business, whether you know it or not. So you can imagine the difference between good and awful marketing. Now imagine you are exceptional at it. I used to think marketing was an undecipherable dark art when I first started, and then Ryan Townend came into my world and began to show me the way. Listen in as co-founder of WilliamJoseph Communications talks about growing up in small town Saskatchewan, how he discovered his purpose in life using a concept he calls "following his throughline", and how you can use authenticity to absolutely own the world of marketing.

Visit to meet Ryan and continue your journey of marketing mastery.

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