My First Seven
Episode 9

Solve for Fear wth M. Sean Young

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“The nature of your relationship with those closest to you is a significant opportunity to see yourself more plainly than the masks we tend to wear in a professional environment”


M. Sean Young (@mseanyoung on Insta and Twitter). 7 Start-up and exit cycles, youngest bankruptcy in Canadian history. Founder of Joy Boss Media, creator of Dragon Theory a transformational change methodology. Hear Sean’s story, his thoughts on the gaps of the human potential industry, the coercive nature of the false achievement narrative and goal setting models. Sean outlines the common fears that serve as the source of human self limitation, and the surprising link this has to the perpetual dilemma of value creation and value capture that every entrepreneur wrestles to master. We also dive into the journey towards fulfilled interdependence, why even people like W. Brett Wilson work with coaches, and how to identify and solve for the fears that lead to your own self governance. We touch on some interesting tools and techniques like taking inventories of activity, resentment or shame and time travelling to dull the effect of toxic memories.

Sean is my coach, and I am learning how to better work through others by working with him. I won’t be able to take my capabilities to a 20x level from where I am today without figuring this out.

If you’d like to work with Sean, check out his website and perform a self assessment. If you’d like to come out and meet us and learn more about the StepONE Founders Forum on the evening of Oct 26, 2017 as a mentee, mentor or patron, RSVP HERE.

Special thanks to my boss Audio Engineer Gregg Lewis for remastering the raw recording into this buttery smooth experience. He’s excellent at what he does, if you’re looking for freelance audio support like this, I suggest you contact him.




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