My First Seven
Episode 15

Unlimited Giving and Receiving with Avnish Mehta

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What does it mean to truly live in contribution and service of others? It appears to manifest first as a mindset that permeates every action you take. Eventually and counterintuitively, this focus on others will shape you into something great. This episode's guest is a prime example of someone that humbles me in a way that is hard to describe. I would feel less than in his presence if it weren't for his near infinite kindness. Join me in sitting with an absolute juggernaut of a human being, Avnish Mehta.

After successful runs in both corporate and non-profit focused endeavours, Avnish finds himself the founder of strategic communication and leadership coaching consultancy, Stand and Command.

As much as I adore what they are doing there, what I really admire Avnish for is his ability to walk the world in a way that is clearly heart first, and as he does so he shapes that world into something more beautiful. The most recent accomplishment that speaks to this is the opening of Calgary's New Central Library in the rapidly revitalizing East Village, where Avnish serves as the chair of the New Central Library committee. It cannot be emphasized enough what a blessing this place is for our city, or how lucky we are to have people like Avnish here making things like this happen.

This is admittedly a bit of a time capsule, as we originally recorded almost a year before the date of publishing. Somehow though, it feels appropriate as we spent a great portion of the interview discussing how modern libraries are transforming and why we need them more than ever. Listening back, it would have been a cruel tease to talk about this place without it being open to go experience it for yourself to truly understand. 

It was a joy to rediscover this conversation as it is full of a surprising richness and depth where the .topics we cover felt more relevant than ever.

In addition to our conversation about how you can be leveraging your city's library network into a decisive advantage for your business, we get into such topics as:

  • Avnish's history and how he came to be so clear on who he is
  • How to properly serve the non-profit sector for free
  • Courageously determining true values in oneself and in organizations
  • Moving out of Judgement and into Observation
  • Heavy vs light goal setting heuristic 
  • Beating competition your admire
  • The diminishing advantage of expertise
  • On what Calgary is becoming
  • Universal Basic Income / Social Tenure
  • On fear and meditating in Kenya
  • Seeking Alpha (not from a traditional investment standpoint)
  • The role of emotion in suboptimal performance
  • Av's 3 things every entrepreneur needs for a successful career 

And more...


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