My Life Begins At... - Introduction

Hello and welcome to My Life Begins At... a show for all Mighty Midlife Wanna-be Achievers.

It’s aim, to reach out to all those ‘young’ women and men who have a fierce yet hidden desire to change their lives..

If you have ever had a moment where you’ve woken up to an awful vision of where your life would be 10 years or more from now, and behold a scary scene of a life playing out with the same unsatisfied resemblance to the one you are living in right now? Then you have reached a place to help shift your life towards a path of true purpose.

I’m ‘DC’ Allen and I had such a moment.

For me it was shortly after entering my 4th decade on this amazing planet. My own ‘black dog’ paid an unexpected and unwelcomed visit. This set me off on a personal quest where, over the next decade, I experienced an odyssey of emotional awakenings, physical adventures and spiritual discoveries. And I feel I‘m only just scratching the surface!

Here at My LBA, I want to share the lifts, dips, bumps and tailwinds of how I and other mighty midlife achievers - like yourself - wrestled back our mojo ball from life’s grumpy neighbour and got it bouncing off the walls of joy, hope and opportunity again.

So, have you found yourself on this epic board game of life constantly missing ‘Chance’? Or did you just land on ‘Go Straight to Commuter Treadmill Jail’ on the first throw of the dice and never got out of it? 

If so, are you pondering questions like, how do I live life more deliberately? What can I do to bring more meaning and purpose into it? What’s my health, wealth and happiness guage reading right now? Then you're in the right place.

Come join me and other life ‘doers’ along with amazing, eye-opening and inspiring guests on My LBA.

Lets make this the time to down those well-worn, lacklustre tools of mediocrity and pick up and dust off those dreams.

It’s never too late. Youth has no limit. 

The time to live is now my friends.

I look forward to meeting you real soon.