Episode 25

Nostalgic Blowie

NBTLT- Lon & Zumi published on

In this episode of The Nothing Better To Listen To Podcast, Lon and Zumi discuss old movies, road head, and the best uses for a cold shower. Hitting over 1000 downloads so far this year, Lon and Zumi thank all their loyal fans, and new ones, for all the support in this epic journey for the ages. Visit NBTLT on the official website at www.nbtltpodcast.com, and send Lon and Zumi an email with your questions and comments at mail@nbtltpodcast.com


You can find Lon and Zumi on their Facebook page, on Twitter @NBTLTPodcast, and on their Reddit home at www.reddit.com/r/NBTLT .

Video Mentioned in Episode: One Minute Time Machine https://youtu.be/vBkBS4O3yvY

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