Episode 18

Ring of Fire- ft Sir Jag

NBTLT- Lon & Zumi published on

In this episode of the Nothing Better To Listen To Podcast, Lon and Zumi speak with their very first guest, Sir Jag.  A BDSM practitioner and expert, Pyro Master, and a Hypnotist, Lon and Zumi join Sir Jag on a journey that embarks on power, sex, and the human psyche. You can find Sir Jag on Facebook, Twitter @Fire_Power_P , on his webpage www.FirePowerPassion.com, or email him at firepowerpassion@gmail.com.

Lon and Zumi can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter @NBTLTPodcast, or by email at nbtltpodcast@gmail.com. They also have a home on Reddit at www.reddit.com/r/NBTLT

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