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Episode 34

Nerd Monster Radio Episode 34 - A Summer Experience

Jose A published on

Hello and welcome to episode 34 of Nerd Monster Radio, with me your host, Jose Aparicio of This week i wanted to do a different type of summer playlist, one that features new artist and touches on the usual summer glimmer pop and we hit that right off the bat with Girls' Generation, but also goes along pass the summer shimmer to the sunset, and finally back to reality. This playlist is chuck full of new music, and yet i feel like it really captures summer. I hope you enjoy. This week is little longer than usual, but it was potentially going to be even longer-had to save something for next episode.

0. SONG - ARTIST - Album

1. Party - Girls' Generation - Party

2. Trash Talk - Thee Tsunamis - Saturday Night Sweetheart    

3. Boys (Pete Hammond Remix for PWL Ltd) - Sabrina - Sabrina Boys - Remix UK 12" vinyl single

4. Fuwa Fuwa Brand New - Halcali - Ongaku no Susume

5. Picture This - Kero Kero Bonito - Picture This - Single    

6. Walk Away - Kai Takahashi    

7. Summer Rain - Star Tropics - Summer Rain // Swept Away

8. ????? - Mia Inoue - My Interpretation

9. Pretty Torn Up - EZTV - Calling Out

10. California Rain (feat Nikki Segal) - Goldroom - It's Like You Never Went Away - EP

11. Forget You In LA - Poema - Pretty Speeches - EP

12. The Wolf Is Free - Lily & Madeleine - Fumes

13. The Knower - Youth Lagoon - Savage Hills Ballroom

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