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Episode 39

Nerd Monster Radio Episode 39 - Strewn About

Jose A published on

Welcome to episode 39 of Nerd Monster Radio, with me your host, Jose Aparicio of This week's episode was thrown together. That's not to say the songs are relics, I just didn't have the time i would have liked to make something a bit more cohesive. Nevertheless, the internet provides and here are mostly singles that i've come across the last couple of weeks that have caught my ear. Lovely one off songs, most of which have no album or are from singles or compilations. Many of these artist are currently working on completing EPs or full albums so consider this your first listen and keep an ear out for more.


01. Ricochet - guns

02. Young Again - G E N T S - You Will Be Young Again

03. Left To Know - Somerville Jack - Track and Field Summer Compilation Vol. 2

04. Specimen Days (bonus Track) - Nick Diamonds - Specimen Days

05. Come Into My Arms - Lion Bark - Come Into My Arms - Single

06. Let Me Down - Madeira

07. Everything You Know - M.I.L.K.

08. Go! - Postiljonen - ‘Go!’ - Single

09. Shade - Chain Wallet - Shade - Single

10. Estas Aqui - Re-Animadores - Me Das Asco

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