Nerd Out Word Out
Episode 47

Nerd Out Word Out - Episode 47 - Console Envy (Poisoned Edition)

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Ramblings/Musings on Video Games, Movies, TV Shows and related Nerd Culture from Chris Perrin and Mark McGrady. (May contain Potty mouth words). This week we catch up with what we've been gaming. Chris has finished PC platformer Shantae and Mark is working his way through final fantasy tactics-like game The Fell Seal. We then take a trip down retro lane and talk about what games or consoles we coveted both when were were younger and also what we wish we could play now. From the Nintendo Super Scope through to Tetris 99 on Switch, via the Sega Game Gear and Actua Soccer. (Warning - Mark is suffering a number of status ailments). 

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