In this Podcast 'New Era Martial Arts' I want to talk to all sorts of different people from the Martial Arts community, meaning: fighters, coaches, gym owners, etc. and other people who are experts in certain fighting related topics like strength training for MMA athletes or nutrition. The idea is to see different perspectives on the topics I am interested in, which are for example: BJJ, Wrestling, mental training, flow state, misuse of authority in martial arts, how to build a gym, competition training, weight cutting, fight preparation, different training methods, recovery, etc.

Also I want this podcast to be a platform to just interview people who inspire me especially female MMA athletes and female BJJ blackbelts.

My name is Raffaela Milner, I am training in Martial Arts for about 4 years now. In this time I fought a lot in kickboxing, MMA and mainly in BJJ where I am a purple belt. In the past year I was teaching MMA and BJJ at Matrix Jiu Jitsu in Germany.

My goal with this podcast is really just to give a platform where people can communicate with each other to let the martial arts community grow and to evolve our sport.