Night At The Asylum
Episode 4

Sharknado 6: Here We Go Again... The Podcast

Garry The Intern published on

Brendan and Julia are up to their collective gills as they chum the waters of this week's guest's film career as well as fish for some juicy spoilers for his upcoming film: The Last Sharknado (but is it tho?).

Joining them this week is Anthony C. Ferrante and if you haven't guessed by the title of the film, he's the director of every single Sharknado movie. The duo learn about his past films and some secret easter eggs that only few have been able to find. 

Along for the ride is me, Garry the Intern, as Brendan and Julia finally allowed me out of my cage to join them in the making of this week's sharktastic episode of... Night At The Asylum *Echo* *Echo* *Echo*





Nailed it.

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