Episode 117

Brooke Berini

NoBraking published on

Brooke Berini is a Boston native now living, working, and pursuing a higher education in Washington, D.C. But she might be better known as the pilot of the 'Alpha Princess' a pink chrome Nissan GT-R that Brooke drives faster than almost anyone else on the planet. However if we turn back the clock Brooke learned to drive on the family farm. In her quest for quickness, this led to her modifying cars since well before she was able to legally drive. Once she had her license in hand nothing could stop her from obtaining the car of her dreams, a Nissan GT-R. A road trip led to a purchase of a GT-R a few road rallies later and Brooke was smitten. The GT-R was transformed thanks to the help of AMS Performance and now Brooke is known as one of the fastest GT-R drivers in the world thanks to her skills behind the wheels of her Alpha Princess.

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