Episode 107

Hansel Echeverria

NoBraking published on

Leen Customs has created waves in the automotive community, and built a brand around his unique take on the collectible enamel pin. However you have probably never heard of the man behind Leen Customs. In our latest episode we had a chance to talk with Hansel Echeverria or as you might know him Mr Leen Customs.

Hansel Echeverria grew up in Los Angeles, working as a freelance artist. Graffiti was something he was fascinated with and that is where Hansel started his art career and earned the moniker Leen. However it wasn't until he started attending design focused events and he noticed brands and artists made these very cool collectible pins. But there was never something that was about car culture, so he thought it might be a good idea to try and design some automotive-style pins and lo and behold Leen Customs was born.

The pins now number around 1,000 and are varied from Hollywood icons, hotrods, race cars to celebrated vehicles in the automotive community. The first one was a Subaru rally car because it was his favorite car at the time, and he has never looked back.

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